Friday, 7 May 2010

GFW Selection

Where do I even begin?

After yesterday, which was more like a tutorial or a critique for some people - the majority of my class hate this fashion degree at the moment. 

It's weird, I don't even know how I feel about yesterday - I feel like an emotionless zombie. I mean when you put everything into perspective we have waited and worked hard for three years leading up to a 5 minute selection process....FIVE MINUTES - THAT'S IT!?!?! messed up isn't it....

I felt like I was going to be sick right before I entered the room where the selection panel were sitting - I didn't know what to expect.
It went alright, I think? They don't give away much at all, they just ask questions really about your line up, and what is left to be finished etc...

Tthese last few months have just been like whirlwind of stress, and now that the 5 minutes are over...everything is out of our hands - we are now powerless over the decisions that will be made over this weekend.
Of course I want GFW, of course I do...I just feel like I'm suspended in limbo right now, not knowing what my fate will be, hence why I feel emotionless/numb.
There's no point in stressing now over a decision I have no control over at this point.

I just have to keep my fingers crossed, and keep working as if there will be no tomorrow.


I will say this though on a separate note to myself....
We had a photoshoot with one of our outfits after our selection, and I REALLY REALLY enjoyed that. It was strange because I had lost my confidence up until I stepped into that room and they started shooting. I knew what I wanted from the model, and I took control...I was fearless and felt like it was something I was good know? it was almost as if I was being a creative director for a magazine and was in charge of the photoshoot....
I worked with the photographer, and we got along really well, and he saw my vision of what I wanted and it was just a really uplifting experience after all the drama from the last 48 hours.

Maybe something to keep in mind for later on...

Anyways it's time for uni!


okay, bye now.

Bobby   x x

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