Monday, 26 April 2010

So I just had a 'Pre-Selection' crit.

I have to say going into it, I was really unsure and nervous, and a little bit ashamed of how behind I am currently. I wanted to be able to 'wow' them....

But overall it went well. I had our senior lecturer, Josh, for most of it. 
And then he grabbed my course leader, Anne. I almost wanted to cry (lame) when she came in. I wanted to impress them both, but how could I impress them with half my collection still in progress...

I know it was hard for them to see the whole see the vision I see....

Josh whispered to me "we both really like what you're doing, we just need to see it come together now."




Even though it's almost lunch time and I still have the rest of the day to work, I just can't right now. I am still taking in everything that was said....I have to organize myself, and brace myself for the work ahead. I have Monica on Wednesday to help me sew, so that will be helpful and push me ahead quite a bit hopefully.

For now I will "organize" myself....aka. listening to music and procrastinating - it's what I do best (after designing of course)!

Ok goodbye.


Oooooh wait, maybe I will order myself some business cards...that's something productive right?