Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Visual Directions - Initial Reflection

So I finished all the videos on Reflective Writing, and I must say that initially when I started the first video and heard the first sentence I thought "oh god, this is going to be boring". BUT now that I've finished I have to say I was actually really interested in all the tips that were given. Writing is a really important aspect of my life, so I do in fact enjoy writing reflections. I guess I always looked at reflections in the literal sense though ie. A diary entry, a type of structured writing. 

Now I have a brand new outlook on it. All of a sudden this reflection can be anything I want it to be. It doesn't just have to be written words, it can be pictures! Doodles (which I love doing) songs, films..all the things that inspire me in everyday life can now all come together to be apart of my reflective journal. I think this is pretty fantastic because I don't think that just my written words without any visuals would completely show who I am and what I do. I am an eclectic person with eclectic taste, so it really would make sense that my journal entries would also include other forms of art and media. Not gunna lie I am kind of really excited to keep this blog going, I really feel it will be a good outlet for me, Just as the individuals on the podcasts said it would. The videos that I initially thought were going to be boring, have actually really made an impact on m. I look at this PDP file now, not just as an assignment or another task to complete, but as a tool for me to track my progress as a Fashion Designer and as an artistic outlet...