Saturday, 26 June 2010

So GFW came and went, in a flash. It was a whirlwind from beginning to end. Sometimes it feels hard to believe that it actually happened..but recently when I have watched our video from the show, reality sets in and I realize how lucky I was to partake in such an event.

On the day I must say I was quite gutted, because when you've worked so hard on a project for months upon months without much sleep, living in a studio...those two minutes you get on the catwalk are seemingly rare and precious. So when a mistake was made, and I didn't see my name put up on the screen, my heart sank. For some reason the name was the one thing I had been looking forward to seeing. Looking back it was so silly at the time, but I felt seeing my name would give me some recognition for the all hard work and energy I put into this collection, the blood sweat and tears (literally) would all be worth it.

I also felt quite down because I felt my portfolio wasn't up to snuff compared to others around me. I wanted to represent myself the best way I could, but yet in my eyes I had failed myself.

BUT I got over that, I can really appreciate the whole experience now. It really showed me that 'life happens', and you have to take the good with the bad - "roll with the punches".

Anyways What a day!!! and the models that I had were beautiful, couldn't ask for a better group. I got the 'Quirky' set. The beautiful blonde in my finale outfit looked absolutely stunning!!!!!

Bobby present...

'Natural Protection' A/W 2011

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